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Grass Cutting Schedule 24-25

Below is the agreed schedule with A&W Grounds for grass cutting/maintenance. There may be some flexibility subject to weather and ground conditions.

Published: 10 June 2024

close photo of green grass
Locations Visits #visits Notes
The Burycroft, High Street inc Culham House bend Mar, May, Jun Jul, Sep 5 First cut late March. Please go around the daffodils on that first cut and make sure the area between The Glebe and Cooper Beeches is included.
Burial Ground Mar to Oct 2x month 15 Only one cut in March
Village Green Mar to Oct 2x month 14 Only one cut in March and May
Recreation Ground and Play Area Mar to Oct 2x month 15 Only one cut in March Please leave the West side of the Rec (around 5m, next to the horses pad) without mowing
Play area inspections and reporting Mar to Dec 1x month 10
Footpath leading to pond area Mar to Oct 1x month 8

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